Words matter. A lot.

They can be shaped into clear, compelling messages that engage customers, motivate employees and earn respect from communities. Or, they can lapse into clichés and jargon that get lost in the clutter of today’s information overload.


  • Are you satisfied that your core messages effectively promote your organization to engage customers, employees and communities?

  • Does your website and its content convey the right image and message to support your goals?

  • Do you have a communications plan to deal with emergencies and crises, both natural and man-made?

  • Can your organization build goodwill in your community through meaningful projects that support worthy causes?

J. C. Hawkins Portrait

When it comes to creating messages that can engage key audiences without adding significant overhead, I can make it happen with tight budgets and when additional staffing is not feasible.

“When writing and communicating for a business, you have to capture the essence of the enterprise and its leadership. What you produce must reflect the persona of the organization. It must ring true with its intended audience. So the soaring rhetoric that shines for one client might come across as pompous for another.

That’s why I invest the time and make the extra effort to know the business inside and out, and to present the business and its leaders in a light that shows its best possible face.”

J.C. now offers a new service, ghostwriting and editing books.  He's begun one project with a nationally known expert in the health care field.

J. C. Hawkins

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